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About Us

Bailey Electrical is a proud Peterborough-based electrical contracting company, formally trading with solely the business owner in 1996.

The business takes a customer-focused commitment, with our team providing excellence in business management, organisation and efficiency. We strive to go above, and beyond the standard level of service you would expect, all while achieving our business growth goals. We carry out the majority of our work within a 150-mile radius of Peterborough; however, we provide our services nationally for clients who would benefit from us. Located in the centre of the UK, we station effectively to be able to serve regional depots up and down the country.
Bailey Electrical has been trading for many years; this shines through in our project deliverance. Here we exist to provide our customers with the utmost professional courtesy, ensuring excellent customer satisfaction throughout all interactions.

Whether we’re working with a small or large business, we are guided by our rules of business values that all staff adhere to. We commit ourselves to be the area’s preferable electrical contractor of choice, growing our business by our devotion to meeting the needs of every customer as an individual.

We exist to provide honesty and credibility to every customer, no matter the size of the project. Bailey Electrical stands on the foundation of dependability, building strong, loyal customer relationships year on year.


Bailey Electrical know that it’s better to budget for every possible cost and not need it, rather than need it but not have it. There is nothing more frustrating than when something is overlooked in the quote all so the contractor can get the job and sting you for items not included within the price.

We don’t work this way. Here we include every single cost in our estimate – there are no unexpected fees.

Sometimes you want additional items adding to your job; again this is looked at responsibly and fairly.

You’ll always receive a realistic quote while delivering your project to the highest quality, on time and in your budget.

Bailey Electrical Services prides itself on ensuring you get what you want, without the hassle. It’s a problem-free journey to all your electrical needs.

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Trusted, Specialist Electrical Contractors

The customer is our focus. We’re backed up by excellent business management, organisation and efficiency in providing you with superior customer service. We strive to go above and beyond the standard level of service while achieving our business growth goals.

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The founder is a family man who has a good wife, a teenager (more befitting) a 30-year something daughter and two stepsons both of which have delivered us some fine grandchildren that we adore. He is his parent’s youngest of children with an elder brother and sister. He was brought up with strict morals, taught to respect his elders, show compassion to others and to treat others how they expect to be addressed. As the days go by, I (the founder) hope always to stick to my parent’s upbringing and keep making them proud of me.


Both my parents are hard working-class parents, my mother often working the late shift on Friday nights with what was Freemans Catalogue, my father a long-time worker for Perkins Engines suffering many years two weeks on night shift every two weeks. I was rewarded back then by my father’s employer with what I can only describe as being awesome, the employee’s children annual Christmas party, hundreds of children in a massive hall having a great time. Every year Santa would be played projected in colour on a big white display screen, we would see him walking down the street whistling while he collected his sack only then to come busting through the white paper screen, being a child aged 5 or 6 some 40 years ago to me this was unbelievable and fantastic. I would love to bring this tradition back with my business one day for the children of my own hard-working business.


We complete the majority of our work within 150 miles of Peterborough. However, many customers find that as we’re Peterborough-based, we are can efficiently serve the whole UK. Our team carry out special projects for local or national businesses who are wanting to use our services at their regional depots.


We have been trading for ten years. This experience shines through in our knowledge and approach. Our staff members have all developed a vast understanding of the industry and can interact with other trades seamlessly. 


Bailey Electrical commit to the goal to be the preferred electrical installation contractor of choice. Currently, we are growing our business through the commitment to meet individual customer need. Our electricians guarantee complete customer satisfaction, proving honesty and credibility through our dependability. We look to build strong and loyal customer relationships year on year.

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