EV Charging Point Installation

Electric vehicles are either partly or fully powered by batteries, which need to be charged at intervals. That’s where an electric car charging point installation comes in.

Whether you’re looking for home, workplace, commercial or public EV charging solutions, Bailey Electrical has a wide variety of installations available to suit both hybrid and fully electric cars and your location.

We are a friendly company providing EV charging point installations across Peterborough and the surrounding Cambridgeshire areas.

Electric Car Charging
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Electric Car Charging Points Installation

If you’re new to electric vehicles, we know there is a lot to think about, and we’re here to help you choose the right electric car charging points to suit your requirements. As a Rolec approved installer, we can supply you with one of the world’s leading designers and manufacturers of EV charging points.

There are three ‘levels’ of charger available: Level 1 systems connect directly to your home electricity, making them perfect for overnight charging, while Level 2 and 3 systems charge vehicles much more quickly but require additional, specialist equipment to be installed. They’re much better-suited for businesses and public use, where rapid charging is required.

At Bailey Electrical Services, we’re able to offer all three types and can advise you on which would suit your requirements best. And they’re more affordable than you might think, with Government grants available to help reduce the cost further.

About Rolec

With over 25 years’ experience with electrical systems, Rolec has become the UK’s largest independent EV charge point manufacturer. Rolec is used and trusted by companies and electric vehicle owners around the world, including:

  • Jaguar
  • Land Rover
  • Tesco
  • Toyota
  • NHS
  • UPS

What Rolec Offers

Rolec provides electric car charging stations for public, workplace, and personal home use.

Whether you’re after a simple Rolec WallPod installation for your home or a bespoke back office managed EV charging network, Rolec offers Europe’s most diverse range of electric vehicle charging solutions.

  • At the forefront of the latest technologies
  • Fully certificated on completion of installation
  • All installations adhere to current IET and BS 7671 electrical wiring regulations
  • Maintenance contracts and emergency call-out services available
  • Easy to use enquiry and installation tracker keeps you informed on the progress of an installation

Strong Environmental Ethos

  • Energy efficient LED lighting used in manufactured products and Rolec work spaces
  • Active members of the WEEE Recycling Scheme
  • Active role in community projects, including woodland tree planting
selection of smart electric chargers
EV Charging Installation

Client's Testimonials

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Absolute quality completed our new installation to the highest quality and best customer service I believe possible I have no problem in recommending Bailey Electrical Services to any future customer


Nice trustworthy guys gave us no concerns with the completion of our job within the tight deadline available it was an extreme joy to have worked with them


Seasons greetings to you all. I wish able to power all the best for its 2019 plans. Your support for me and the YMCA for the past 19 years is really appreciated have a great break and brilliant 2019


Its been a pleasure working with able to power they are passionate achieving the very best job that can be done. I look forward to working with them on any of our next projects.

benefits of ev charging

Benefits of EV Charging

There are numerous benefits to installing EV charging systems – both at home or for your business.


  • Convenience – charging points make owning an electric vehicle so much easier. There’s no need for messy extension leads and unsightly, long wires.
  • They’re affordable – factor in Government grants and home chargers are surprisingly cheap to install. Plus, the electricity will be cheaper than at public charging stations, so in the long run it will pay for itself.
  • Boosting range – being able to charge your car at home seriously reduces ‘range anxiety’ – many areas of the UK have limited public charging points available, so being able to leave the house with a fully charged vehicle is significantly less stressful.
  • Caring for your car – as with other types of battery, electric car batteries like to be charged fully over an extended period as opposed to being continually topped up. Home charging points make this convenient to do, helping boost the lifespan of your car’s battery.
  • A more desirable home – fitting your house with a charging point may make it more desirable if you come to sell, particularly as more and more households are opting for electric cars. Even if your buyer doesn’t own an EV, the chargers are pretty easy to remove.


  • Making a good impression – electric vehicle charging points will bolster your company’s image, particularly if you strive to be environmentally-friendly or carbon-neutral.
  • Control – business-centric charging point solutions can be configured to only allow your staff or guests to take advantage of them.
  • Welcoming – if you regularly welcome visitors to your premises, EV-driving guests will be relieved to know that they’ll be able to recharge their car after the journey there.
  • Future-proof – as more and more people purchase electric vehicles, charging points will soon be considered must-have accessories for any business – get ahead of the game now while you still can!

Where to Install the EV Home Charger

The beauty of electric vehicle charging points is their flexibility; Rolec offers a wide variety of products suited to all kinds of installations.

There are few strict limitations on where chargers can be installed on your home, the main one being the charger’s proximity to ‘sim touches’ – metal objects connected to mains electricity. The charger must be located at least 2.5m away from any such object. Otherwise, provided the location allows us to comply with installation regulations, the charging point can be placed wherever you like.

This restriction applies to businesses, too, but most firms choose to install their charging systems in the car park outside as opposed to on their building itself. We can cater for this, with a range of systems available specifically designed for business and public use.

Where to Install the EV Home Charger

Our Credentials

BES Accreditations

Why Choose Bailey Electrical Services?

  • We are a local, friendly installer of EV charging points for Cambridgeshire and the East of England.
  • We have EV charging products to suit every type of electric vehicle, including hybrid.
  • We stay up to date with the latest EV technologies and trends to ensure you’re receiving the best advice, service and products.
  • We guarantee a prompt installation completed to suit your schedule.
  • OLEV authorised
  • Rolec approved installer

Green Energy

Green Energy has certainly become an important consideration for businesses and homeowners alike. If you’ve been thinking of using greener, renewable energy resources for your property, it’s never been easier with Bailey Electrical Services. We are expert installers of an exceptional range of green energy solutions, including solar panels, voltage optimisers and EV charging Point Installations.

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OLEV Home and Workplace Charging Scheme – Are You Eligible?

In a bid to make the UK a leader in electric vehicle use, the Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) have set up two separate grants to encourage drivers to make the switch from fuel to electric. These include:

Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme (EVHS)

Customers of an eligible electric vehicle can receive up to 75% (capped at £350) off the cost of a home car charging point and associated installation costs.

Workplace Charging Scheme

This covers up to 75% of the costs of EV sockets for an eligible workplace, (capped at £350).
Bailey Electrical is OLEV authorised so you can take full advantage of these schemes by choosing to buy and install with us. For more information on the schemes, visit the official Gov.uk website.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to install a home charger?

Typically, it takes us between two and three hours to install a home charging point, though this varies depending on the complexity of the system and its location on the property.

Can you install car charging points in my business’ car park?

Absolutely. We can install specially-designed charging points in any car park, from supermarkets through to offices.

Are grants available for car charging points to reduce the cost?

The Government has a grant scheme for homeowners called the Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme, which offers a 75% reduction (up to £350) on the cost of the charger. Meanwhile, there is a Workplace Charging Scheme for businesses which uses a voucher-based system to reduce the cost of purchasing and installing EV chargers.

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