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Electrical Inspection And Testing Services

Bailey Electrical Services are here to help you remain in a safe environment, but also to ensure the electrical equipment your business uses is safe at all times, by carrying out a full electrical inspection and testing service for commercial, construction and industrial clients.

Our fully accredited electrical contractors Peterborough are able to remove any doubt and burden placed on you regarding the safety of your electrical equipment. By completing regular electrical installation inspection and testing at the required intervals, you’re compliant with the law stated above.

We can carry out your Electrical Installation Condition Reporting (EICR) in a professional manner– providing you with an accurate, jargon-free report. The report will provide information on the exact condition of your electrical installations with a list of any recorded observations of non-compliances we have found.

We can then work with you to plan out the work schedule for what needs to be done to ensure you have as little down time as possible.

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What Does The EICR Test Cover?

When carrying out a typical electrical inspection condition report, we will be checking for the following:

  • Poorly insulated or broken wiring
  • Earthing and Bonding to reduce the risk of electric shocks
  • Any electrical faults that can could potentially cause electrical fires and shocks
  • Overheating caused by broken appliances and faulty circuits

Other areas we cover are:

  • Emergency Lighting Testing -These are lights that are often overlooked as they are always present but never really noticed. But in case of an emergency these lights are vital and it would be troublesome if they didn’t work when needed, and that’s why we make sure they are tested thoroughly.
  • Fire Alarm Testing – These are one of the most important safety devices in any building and if they fail to work, you are putting your employees in a lot of danger. You want to make sure these are checked regularly and we can ensure they work as they are supposed to.
  • PAT Testing Services – This is the testing of any piece of electrical equipment in the building , portable or fixed. Testing this helps us identify any potential risks during their use and if we spot any, we are able to fix them for you.

How To Know If You Need Electrical Testing

Electrical installations will naturally deteriorate with wear and as time passes. This can eventually become a hazard to employees if these installations are not regularly checked professionally. Whether it’s to stop electrical shorts from poorly insulated wires or reduce the risk of electrical fires from faulty appliances and wires, it’s important to ensure the safety of your electrical installations.

Emergency lighting

Client's Testimonials

Read what our clients have said about our recent projects

Absolute quality completed our new installation to the highest quality and best customer service I believe possible I have no problem in recommending Bailey Electrical Services to any future customer


Nice trustworthy guys gave us no concerns with the completion of our job within the tight deadline available it was an extreme joy to have worked with them


Seasons greetings to you all. I wish able to power all the best for its 2019 plans. Your support for me and the YMCA for the past 19 years is really appreciated have a great break and brilliant 2019


Its been a pleasure working with able to power they are passionate achieving the very best job that can be done. I look forward to working with them on any of our next projects.


Where Can We Do Electrical Inspection And Testing?

We can do electrical inspection and testing at a range of commercial, construction and industrial locations including:

  • Offices
  • Warehouses
  • Industrial
  • Schools
  • Leisure Complexes
  • Retail Shops
  • Doctors Surgeries
  • Retirement Homes
  • And much more

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Legal Requirements

The law requires that all business owners, their directors, managers and employees comply with “The Electricity at Work Regulations”.

The law simply requires that all electrical systems must be maintained to be safe at all times.

No system or part of it may give rise to danger during either normal operation or under fault conditions.

Regulation 4(2)
“All systems to be maintained so as to prevent, so far as is reasonably practicable, danger”.“A system” means the wiring of an electrical installation and everything connected to it.

Regulation (29) states:
“It shall be a defence for any person to prove that he took all reasonable steps and exercised all due diligence to avoid the commission of that offence.”

Test reports, together with other preventative maintenance documentation will form the basis of this proof and will provide your best defence against prosecution should the need arise.

Duty holders are responsible for setting up adequate maintenance programmes and must assess the needs and frequency requirement of testing, maintaining and monitoring electrical systems and equipment. Generally, the following test intervals may be applied for guidance purposes: –

Electrical Installations
(As outlined in 18th Edition I.E.E. regulations)

Type of InstallationMaximum period between inspections
Churches (over 5 years old)
Places of public entertainment
Petroleum stations
Emergency lighting & Fire alarms
10 years
5 years
3 years
1 year
1 year
1 year
1 year


Portable Appliances

Industrial / Workshops
Commercial (normal & class I)
Commercial (low risk & class II)
6 months
12 months
24 months or more

Electrical Safety Documents

When we have carried out our EICR you will get a bunch of documents containing all the information about the tests we carried out and our findings. Here’s what you’ll receive:

Replacing a consumer unit in domestic and similar premises

Electrical installation condition reporting

Electrical installations

Safe installation of retrofit LED lamps

How safe your premises are


How often does electrical testing need to be carried out?

This depends on the type of building and business but the general rules are as follows:

  • Commercial Installations need checking every time there is a change of occupancy or every 5 years (Whichever is soonest)
  • Industrial Installations need checks every 3 years
  • Offices, Shops and Laboratories have to be checked every 5 years.

What results are there for an EICR test?

Once we have carried out your test, you will get a result of C1, C2 or C3. C1 means you have a high risk of danger on your hands while C3 means there are improvements we can recommend but they aren’t required to be carried out.

How long does an EICR take?

This will depend entirely on the size of your business and the electrical installations present. It can take hours, days or even weeks to fully check some commercial and industrial installations. It’s best to contact us so we can fully plan out the schedule to reduce downtime for you.

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