Bailey Electrical Services do all we can and more to get your project done as swiftly as possible without you hating the journey in getting you there.

  • You are not left guessing or in any doubt of the progression of your project at any one time.
  • You are not left guessing or in any doubt the cost of your project at any one time.
  • Excellent business processes, procedures and quality systems – Leaves you receiving your completed installation to the strictest of project specification, complete on time every time.

Bailey Electrical Services are dedicated to wanting to be better and different from that of our competition. So much so that we remain here for you long into the future to back up our product guarantees and customer warranties.

Our business strategy is simple; we strive to complete projects to the highest quality, with exceptional customer service. We deliver projects in the timeliest manner possible; our primary focus is to complete all projects before completion deadlines by operating as efficiently as possible.

Guarantees Given

6-year Insurance backed workmanship warranty
12-month materials guarantee. We will replace faulty goods free of charge
Our guarantee to complete work in timescales agreed

Insurances Provided

£5 million Public Liability Insurance
£10 million Employers Liability Insurance
£250,000.00 Professional Indemnity Insurance
Contract Insurance can be provided

Our Services

Our commitment to you starts at the very beginning. By listening to your design brief, we can determine your precise needs, designing your electrical infrastructure to satisfy your requirements precisely. We will complete your installation promptly, all within the constraints of the strictest of specifications including staying within budget and timescales.

Typical work we complete for our customers is from small tasks such as the installation of additional production equipment to larger, more complicated projects. Bigger projects can include complete installation of your electrical infrastructure for offices, retail, leisure, industrial or local authority buildings.

Bailey Electrical is constantly improving the efficiency of its business by implementing strict, lean management principals to remain at the top of our game. We are always striving to provide the most efficient, rapid delivery possible, without any degradation in the quality of your finished installation.

What you can expect from us

I won’t bore you with a long list of features you would obviously expect from a reputable company we do all that as a matter of professional process. But we do things differently using well-planned operations manuals, documented systems and procedures for our operatives to ensure you are given that personal service as if still being served by the business manager himself and your work is completed exactly to the standards of the business manager. We continually improve our business operations manual to ensure consistently high levels of service focused on exceeding your expectations.

Some of these little differences can be seen some cannot, however, the trust and relationship that builds between us you will left, without doubt, you have the right business to complete your work.

Our unique one of a kind Client fulfilment Plan, “Our Secret Sauce” of job completion exceeding customer satisfaction with the same consistent service every time.

You will receive:

  • Conscientious Planning. You will be allowed all the time needed to ensure your project details and expectations are thoroughly discussed, planned and incorporated into our own on-site job completion plans for accurate delivery and completion.
  • Excellent Communication. We shall keep you apprised of all developments good and bad with immediate solutions or amendments made to job completion plans.
  • Effective Collaboration. We are constantly introducing the use of new collaborative technologies to keep project plans and expectations between customer, third party contractors and our own installation operatives updated in Realtime.
  • Absolute Quality. Your work will have agreed inspections for quality carried out as part of our strict job completion plans. These inspections and checklists are not just generic but often amended prior to beginning work to include your bespoke expectations.
  • Value for Money After Sales. Your work will receive our own revisit on the 11 month after job completion to ensure your installation is in as good condition as when it was first completed.

Our main Service Focus to ISO9001 is to:

  • Provide a full electrical installation service
  • Rapid, accurate project delivery
  • Provide superior customer service
  • Prove our excellent contractor dependability
  • consistently achieve excellence in quality
  • Communicate progress at regular intervals during the installation
  • Provide swift innovative solutions to installation problems and clashes,
  • Use only highly trained motivated installation operatives
  • Back up all above with excellent organisational management

Our main Environmental Focus to ISO14001 is to:

  • Design sustainable electrical systems
  • Utilise green, efficient technologies within our designs as practically possible
  • Limit the damage caused to our environment during the completion of projects
  • Maximise the recycling of waste materials on each project

Our Workforce Focus to OHSAS18001 is to:

  • Provide an excellent safe place for our staff to work
  • Complete projects with 0 accidents
  • Provide good – excellent rates of pay for all employees
  • Appraise and reward faculty who consistently perform better than average
  • Provide excellent training and career development opportunities

Our main Business Focus is to be:

  • A financially strong business
  • A well-managed and organised business
  • Remain a conscientious family run business all operations strictly guided by our values and morals
  • Increase our market share annually
  • Make fair but reasonable profits while providing our customers with the best possible solution for their installation

You can expect the following:

  • True reduction of breakdowns if any at all
  • Assurance of the current condition of your electrical installation
  • A full inventory of assets within SLA
  • Jargon-free easily understood condition reports
  • Peace and mind of a safe installation for your workers and the public.
  • Quick completion no dilly-dallying.
  • Night Work out of normal working hours available.
  • The experience of knowledgeable operatives able to provide innovative solutions to installation problems and alternatives methods to get the job done.
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Bailey Electrical prides itself on our proven ability for providing Commercial and Industrial customers with a single contractor. It’s a one stop shop for all your electrical services.



Our business provides exceptional service to Construction customers, providing a single contractor. We are a one-stop shop for the rapid but high-quality completion on all your electrical projects.


Bailey Electrical exceeds customer service and project management for Industrial customers. We supply a single contractor, offering a one-stop shop for all your electrical services.