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Tapping into green energy whilst saving money on bills has certainly made solar panels an increasingly popular prospect for homeowners and businesses alike.

However, if you’re considering purchasing solar panels, you’ll want to know whether the cost of installation and maintenance will offer true value for money.

In this blog, we’re answering the popular question: how long do solar panels last? This should help you budget and plan for the long-term, and give you a better idea of whether solar panels are a good choice for you.

How long do solar panels last?

Today’s solar panels are typically designed to last between 40 – 50 years. That essentially means your panels could generate electricity for half a century – maybe even longer.

Putting that aside for a moment, when shopping around for a solar panel provider, it’s worth paying attention to the warranty. What’s covered and how long for will be important considerations and give you peace of mind that your panels will remain efficient for years to come.

Solar panel maintenance

There are some simple maintenance hacks you can also do to help your panels last that little longer.

To get the most out of your solar panels, you should keep them clean. Aside from affecting how much electricity they can generate, a build-up of dust, grime or debris over time could affect the lifespan of your solar panel.

To clean your panels, you can use a soft bristled brush and a garden hose with a gentle stream. For more stubborn dirt or marks, you can use a soft cloth and warm water. Avoid using anything abrasive.

Bear in mind that the inverter may need replacing sooner than the panels, as these tend to have a shorter lifespan. It’s important to have a fully functioning inverter as this can affect the performance of your panels.

You should also regularly check the output of your panels. This can be done via the inverter or on your monitoring system. If the output is less than expected, you should find out why that is, to get your panels working on top form again.

Finding the right provider is also important, as the way they’re installed can impact their efficiency and lifespan. Make sure you choose a reputable and experienced solar panel installer.

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